The Philadelphia Eagles Can't Buy A Coach

We've had our laughs about the various coaching firings and hirings in the NFL in the wake of the NFL's Black Monday: Getting rid of Lovie Smith made no sense, Rex Ryan went to the Bahamas and everyone thought maybe he'd been fired, Doug Marrone got hired on the strength of sort of turning around Syracuse, Ron… » 1/12/13 6:25pm 1/12/13 6:25pm

Newsday, Like Twitter Users, Simply Cannot Tell Brian Kelly And Chip…

Two college football coaches, both named Kelly. Chip has just completed a marvelous season marred only by the fact that his Oregon Ducks did not get to compete for a national championship and stand to finish third or perhaps second in the final polls. Brian has one of the two teams playing for the national title in a… » 1/05/13 4:58pm 1/05/13 4:58pm

Gunner Kiel's Mom Recommits Him To Notre Dame

Gunner Kiel, the No. 2 high school quarterback prospect in the country and the only quarterback prospect who was probably named to one day be a top quarterback prospect—your time has passed, Colt McCoy—has decommitted from LSU, where he'd planned to enroll this week. Instead, Young Gunner heeded his mother's advice,… » 1/17/12 3:50pm 1/17/12 3:50pm

Notre Dame President: School Is Responsible In Declan Sullivan's Death; …

"Declan Sullivan was entrusted to our care," Notre Dame President John I. Jenkins says in an email to students, faculty, staff, and alumni, addressing the death of the football team's videographer, "and we failed to keep him safe." Full email below. » 11/05/10 6:10pm 11/05/10 6:10pm

More Stories About Terrifying Hydraulic Lifts From Football…

Earlier, we brought you Anonymous's account of videotaping football practice from a scissor lift under circumstances similar to those that precipitated Declan Sullivan's death. Readers sent in their own experiences with the perils of videotaping from lifts. » 10/29/10 6:33pm 10/29/10 6:33pm

Thursday Night Preview: #23 South Florida at Cincinnati

In keeping with the theme of the day, once the ESPN Thursday night programmer took a shit and put it into his ESPN issued lunchbox (the graphic on the lunchbox was Stuart Scott's lazy eye and the eye followed you when it moved.)Anyway, then the ESPN programmer collected Lou Holtz's spit and mixed it with Doris Burke's… » 10/30/08 4:15pm 10/30/08 4:15pm