Should Steroids-Era Sportswriters Be Kept Out Of The Hall Of Fame Voting?

Jeff Pearlman has an interview up with Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, one of the most accomplished baseball writers working. It's long and covers numerous subjects, but it only addresses steroids in two areas: Verducci's groundbreaking 2002 cover story on PEDs in MLB, and whether hindsight makes him view the… »1/04/13 3:00pm1/04/13 3:00pm


Supreme Court Wisely Declines To Hear Roger Clemens' Dumbass Appeal

Reassuring news out of DC today: the US Supreme Court—which hears less than one percent of the cases appealed there anyway—has declined to hear Roger Clemens' appeal re: his silly defamation case against former trainer Brian McNamee. Many moons ago, Clemens sued McNamee after he dished on Clemens' steroid use to SI,… »6/28/11 1:10pm6/28/11 1:10pm

Roger Clemens And Brian McNamee's E-mail Bromance Is Something Special

The Smoking Gun has published the October 2006 email conversations between Roger Clemens and his trainer, Brian McNamee, on the heels of the erroneous Jason Grimsley affidavit report by the LA Times. The exchanges both show that the love between these two partners in ass-injecting infamy is boundless — and that Roger… »7/03/08 3:20pm7/03/08 3:20pm