Brian Scalabrine, Of All People, Also Risked His Long-Term Health By Rushing Back From A Concussion

We talk a lot about football players risking their long-term health and well-being by rushing back on to the field after sustaining horrible injuries, and in particular, risking their mental acuity and balance by forgoing concussion recovery procedures. The same holds true for hockey, where Sidney Crosby's concussion… »1/19/13 9:30am1/19/13 9:30am

Rasheed Wallace Proudly Declares Himself The New Brian Scalabrine

Rasheed Wallace never disappoints. At the end of the Knicks' emotional victory over the Heat last night, ‘Sheed was roused from a fitful nap at the end of the bench by the crowd chanting his name, and coach Mike Woodson immediately subbing him in for his first minutes as a Knick. He looked out of shape, hit a three,… »11/03/12 11:24am11/03/12 11:24am

The White Mamba Made Kris Humphries Look Silly Last Night

The Bulls have been hard-hit by injuries, yet they keep winning. That's what happens when you can plug in Brian Scalabrine off the bench for 23 minutes. Big Scal set the tone for Chicago's fourth straight victory with a move that should make Kris Humphries very happy: it'll be shown on TV for a long time to come.… »1/24/12 11:35am1/24/12 11:35am

Brian Scalabrine Is His Team's Second-Leading Scorer In Italy

Brian Scalabrine is one of those NBA players that we all delight in calling a "role player," even if his role was never particularly valuable. In Boston, his role was to occasionally come in to fall on a loose ball and get praised for his hustle, but mostly it was to delight all of the white kids from Southie who… »10/25/11 2:45pm10/25/11 2:45pm