Get Ready For The Glory And Majesty That Is The 'Name Of The Year'…

It's like waking up the morning before the NCAA Basketball Tournament and discovering that your favorite team has lost its eligibility (*cough* Hoosiers! *cough*). That was my reaction when I found out this morning that Brian Suksomwong has been booted from the prestigious Name of the Year competition over at the blog… » 2/25/08 4:10pm 2/25/08 4:10pm

The Growing Legend Of Brian Suksomwong

On Friday we told the inspiring story of former UCLA marching band member Brian Suksomwong, whose name single-handedly chased away the dark clouds of the Mitchell Report to bring us the sweet, warm sunshine of laughter. Then, as Skeets pointed out over the weekend, Bruins Nation took exception to the post. But far from … » 12/17/07 3:40pm 12/17/07 3:40pm