Associated Press: Oklahoma City Thunder Sign Brian Westbrook And The Guy From 27 Dresses, Serge Ibaka Excited To Play Them In Olympics

Oklahoma City Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka will be playing for the Spanish national team at this year's summer Olympics. Today, the Associated Press published a relatively mundane story about Ibaka's belief that his Spanish team has the talent to compete with the U.S. team. » 7/07/12 4:05pm 7/07/12 4:05pm

Ravens Slingshot Back Into AFC Playoff Picture

Got an image you'd like to see in here first thing in the morning? Send it to tips@deadspin.com. Subject: Morning crap » 11/24/08 8:15am 11/24/08 8:15am Oh, eventually you will stop, Brian Westbrook, yes you will. Baltimore's Althea Barnes makes the play, although where Westbrook's forward progress is marked is anyone's guess. Kind of reminds me of…