Love & Mercy Brings Brian Wilson's Legend To Life, Twice

The Brian Wilson myth lends itself easily to the biopic treatment—perhaps too easily. In clumsy hands, the Beach Boys co-founder could be reduced to his most infamous, sensationalistic qualities: genius! Recluse! Weirdo! Thankfully, the Wilson-approved Love & Mercy is several degrees smarter and more sensitive than… »6/02/15 4:29pm6/02/15 4:29pm


Nixon's Nightmare Was Brought To Life At The White House Today

The world champion San Francisco Giants, accompanied by Willie Mays, visited the White House today, in all their scraggly, bearded glory. President Obama made jokes about Brian Wilson's beard ("I do fear it"), his attire ("Now underneath Brian's beard, and the spandex tuxedo, and the sea captain costume, and the… »7/25/11 6:30pm7/25/11 6:30pm

Some Drunk Giants Players Got Into It With Drunk Capitals Fans At A Hockey Game

In town to play the Nationals, a few members of the San Francisco Giants took in the Lightning/Capitals game yesterday. According to a fan who was there, there was some good-natured ribbing going on with the next luxury box over, including Pat Burrell telling a screaming fan that the players on the ice can't hear you.… »5/02/11 4:45pm5/02/11 4:45pm

It Sure Looks Like Brian Wilson's Pal The Machine Had A Lovely Day After The Closer's Hair-Metal Birthday Bash

About an hour and a half after the Brian Wilson Hair-Metal Birthday Extravaganza gallery was posted this time yesterday, tipster Kevin F. chimed in to say, "the beard's b-day has some nice pics, but the video from the baseball game the next day was better. The Machine streaks through the bleachers." »4/15/11 12:00am4/15/11 12:00am