Coe's Dilemma: Does This Bribery And Corruption Make Me Look Complicit?

Back in July, when in Sebastian Coe’s telling he was as pure and innocent as a spring lamb in the #2 spot at the International Association of Athletics Federations, he was in fact mulling over whether “we” in the West (meaning the US and Europe, maybe Canada, but definitely not Mexico) were being too hasty in our… »11/24/15 5:18pm11/24/15 5:18pm


French Magazine Reports That Qatar Bribed Its Way To The 2022 World Cup

This is not new; from the moment Qatar was named the 2022 World Cup hosts, allegations have been made that FIFA committee members had accepted millions of dollars in bribes to make it happen. Some of those executives were even banned or quit in disgrace! So it's not outside the realm of probability. »1/30/13 2:05pm1/30/13 2:05pm

Maybe Bribery Will Keep Today's Wisconsin Game Profanity Free, But Probably Not (NSFW)

"If the so-called ES-FU chant is not heard Saturday at the Indiana game (from the time the gates open until the 5th quarter is over), we will randomly select two student season ticket holders to be the recipients of a trip (transportation, three nights lodging and game tickets included) to our football team's bowl… »10/15/11 11:00am10/15/11 11:00am

Former USD Assistant Basketball Coach And Players Charged In Game-Fixing-Marijuana-Bribery Mess

In San Diego today, federal prosecutors released the details of an indictment that named 10 people — three of whom formerly coached or played for the University of San Diego men's basketball program — with connection to a college basketball bribery ring. Thaddeus Brown, an assistant coach for the Toreros during the… »4/11/11 4:15pm4/11/11 4:15pm