ESPN Insider: Suspensions Creating "Minefield" For Shout Show Hosts

Education reformers often cite reducing suspensions in our nation's schools as a top priority. Lots of recent studies show that this form of punishment does more harm than good. » 8/12/14 4:17pm 8/12/14 4:17pm

Tony Stewart Trades Paint With Matt Kenseth, Gets Knocked Out, Hurls…

Tony Stewart showed flashes of the personality that earned him the nickname "Smoke" tonight in the IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol when, after taking the lead from Matt Kenseth in the 332nd lap only to scape doors and find himself wrecked in the 333rd, let Kenseth know just how much he loved him by chucking his… » 8/25/12 10:26pm 8/25/12 10:26pm

Bill Simmons's Very First Visit To ESPN

We've been dipping into the Bill Simmons archive, a salvaged cache of the Sports Guy's old columns from AOL Digital Cities, none of which survives online. Today's jaunt down memory lane is a field trip Simmons took to Bristol in 1997, under the auspices of his friend Gus Ramsey, a SportsCenter producer. It was an… » 2/09/12 2:05pm 2/09/12 2:05pm

College Football Writer Mike Bruce Feldman Is Persona Non Grata In…

Sports by Brooks is reporting that ESPN college football writer Bruce Feldman "has been banned from writing for any ESPN entity, is forbidden from appearing on any ESPN platform, is not allowed to Tweet from his Twitter account nor participate in any promotion of a recently-released book in which Feldman played a… » 7/14/11 9:00pm 7/14/11 9:00pm

This Is The Saddest Image To Come Out Of The Sad WNBA Draft

The 2011 WNBA draft, held at 3 p.m. on a Monday, is now wrapping up. No shockers here: the Minnesota Lynx selected UConn's Maya Moore (projected during the draft to be the league MVP) with the first pick, 6'8" Australian Elizabeth Cambage was second overall and will play for Tulsa, and Courtney Vandersloot went to… » 4/11/11 6:00pm 4/11/11 6:00pm

Mark Wahlberg Says Boring Bristol Is The Reason Why There's So Much…

This is not the first time we've heard this theory: "That's why all those people at ESPN are having sex with each other. ... They're doing wife swaps and all sorts of craziness." Horndggity-dog. [ via MovieFone] » 8/02/10 8:03pm 8/02/10 8:03pm

Breaking: ESPN The Magazine To Move To Bristol

In September 2011, the Mag's operations will leave the bright lights and big city to come under the corporate umbrella in Bristol, CT. Doubtful whether much of the staff will come along for the move. » 7/02/10 1:50pm 7/02/10 1:50pm

So Who's The ESPN Employee Calling Stu Scott An A-Hole On Reddit?

Either a well-versed prankster has invaded Reddit's popular IAMA anonymous q-and-a, or, once again, Bristol has a reckless scuttlebutt willing to (anonymously) unload about Scott, Chris Berman, Michelle Beadle, Michael Wilbon and more. » 2/15/10 10:45am 2/15/10 10:45am

Marvel: No Road Rage Here

Earlier, we reported — as much as we "report" anything — that "executive editor" John Marvel had left/been forced out of ESPN after an incident in the ESPN parking lot. Marvel apparently has his Finger On The Pulse Of The Sports World, because he saw the item and wanted to clarify some matters. First off, he… » 9/14/05 1:43pm 9/14/05 1:43pm

Executive Editor Bounced From

Do you know this man? His name is John Marvel, and he was vice president and executive editor of until very, very recently. But now the Bristol folks have canned him/asked him to resign, and a reliable tipster tells us it's because of what they're calling a "road rage incident in the ESPN parking lot." We're… » 9/13/05 9:23pm 9/13/05 9:23pm

Some ESPN People Aren't That Horrible

We rip on ESPN a lot here, so we feel like we should point out that some people actually like a few of the anchors over there. Some radio DJ has compiled a list of the "personalities" he actually doesn't hate. Included are Scott Van Pelt, Dan Patrick and (cough) Mel Kiper, Jr. The Sporting Fools chime in with their… » 7/29/05 1:43pm 7/29/05 1:43pm

Checking In On ESPN's Worst

It's been 24 hours, so we feel we have to check in on BravesBeat's Road From Bristol, which allows visitors to vote in a 64-person bracket to decide just who truly is the most loathsome ESPN personality. » 7/27/05 3:18pm 7/27/05 3:18pm

Who's The Worst ESPN Personality Of Them All?

The folks at BravesBeat are making the world a better place. They have created an official 64-man tournament bracket to decide who exactly the most loathsome ESPN personality is. It's a doozy of a bracket: No. 1 seeds include Stephen A. Smith, Chris Berman, Stuart Scott and Dick Vitale. (No. 2 seeds, if you're… » 7/25/05 11:18am 7/25/05 11:18am

How To Make Everyone You Know Want To Kill You

In a description of the upcoming ESPN Mobile program, which will give Sprint customers easier access to sports scores while they're bashing their phones against their heads because they're not working because they're Sprint, ESPN Mobile senior vice president Manish Jha described some of the other services that will be… » 7/20/05 11:13am 7/20/05 11:13am

ESPY Mania!

Are you like us? Did you spend last night with your eyeballs rubber-cemented to the television screen, desperate to see who was going to win the ESPYs? Could Lance Armstrong three-peat? Who would win craziest play? What exactly does Curt Schilling look like in a tux? These are important questions. We had to know, and… » 7/18/05 11:48am 7/18/05 11:48am

ESPN Acknowledges It's Sucking The Life Out Of Sports

The New York Post's resident prude Phil Mushnick digs up an internal memo at ESPN that admits they're constantly stealing scoops from other non-ESPN journalists and claiming them as their own. We've noticed this several times — we almost expected a crawl this morning that said "ESPN's Marc Stein reports that the Spurs… » 6/24/05 10:16am 6/24/05 10:16am

ESPN Pretends It Cares

In a job that has to be the equivalent of being the head of the Nevada Gaming Commission, ESPN has hired George Solomon as its ombudsman, writes Michael Hiestand in USA Today. He will write a monthly column for pointing out "conflicts of interest" at the Worldwide Leader. Considering the contracts the network… » 6/01/05 3:45pm 6/01/05 3:45pm

Whither David Aldridge?

An excellent post on brought up something we hadn't thought about in a while: Whatever did happen to David Aldridge? We know everyone was pretty pissed at him for that whole Celtics trade thing, but he was essentially banished for The Screamer That Is Stephen A. Smith. He supposedly does TNT sideline… » 5/27/05 2:23pm 5/27/05 2:23pm