The WNBA has suspended Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson seven games each for an April 22 domestic-v

The WNBA has suspended Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson seven games each for an April 22 domestic-violence incident in which Griner pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct (Johnson’s case is still pending). They will also have to independently attend counseling. Griner and Johnson married on May 8. [] »5/15/15 12:58pm5/15/15 12:58pm

​Brittney Griner Is Off the Market, Engaged to Glory Johnson

Today in true love that you could only dream of having, WNBA superstar and all around hero Brittney Griner just got engaged to her girlfriend Glory Johnson. She posted a very cute picture of her, sporting a pink bowtie, proposing to Johnson on Instagram last night. Looks like they were surrounded by friends and/or… »8/16/14 3:59pm8/16/14 3:59pm

Brittney Griner Says Baylor Wasn't A Good Place To Be Gay

Brittney Griner came out early in high school, but while being recruited, was concerned that her sexuality would be an issue at Baylor, a Baptist school. "Big Girl, I don't care what you are," Griner said her future coach Kim Mulkey told her. "You can be black, white, blue, purple, whatever. As long as you come here… »4/15/14 3:38pm4/15/14 3:38pm

Brittney Griner Throws Down Two Dunks In Her WNBA Debut

Former Baylor superstar and all-around badass Brittney Griner made her WNBA debut for the Phoenix Mercury last night, and she made quite the impression. Griner, who became known for her ability to dunk while at Baylor, threw down two dunks in her first game as a pro and became the first WNBA player in history to dunk… »5/28/13 12:36pm5/28/13 12:36pm

Brittney Griner Signs With A Chinese Team Because It Pays A Lot More

Brittney Griner, the No. 1 pick in the WNBA draft, has signed with Chinese team Zhejiang, for whom she'll play during the WNBA offseason. This happened days ago and Chinese media is all over it, yet there's not been a single major American outlet reporting it. Why? The fact that her Chinese team will pay her multiple… »5/03/13 1:59pm5/03/13 1:59pm

Brittney Griner Threw Down This Dunk, And Women's College Hoops Had A Very Good Night

Last night in South Bend, Ind., a women's college basketball game between the sports' Nos. 2 and 3—Notre Dame and UConn, respectively—went to triple OT to decide the Big East. The Fighting Irish defeated UConn, 96-87, to earn its second straight regular-season conference title and become the first team in two… »3/05/13 12:05pm3/05/13 12:05pm

Baylor Hoops Teams Were Really Big On The Illegal Text Messages

Stop me if you've heard this before, but a school that quickly rose to athletic prominence is now facing punishment for a myriad of recruiting violations. This time it's the Bears of Baylor, who were found by an NCAA probe to have racked up nearly 2,000 impermissible phone calls and text messages to recruits over the… »4/09/12 1:50pm4/09/12 1:50pm

Baylor's Brittney Griner Is The Second Woman To Ever Dunk In An NCAA Tournament Game

Brittney Griner's dunk early in the second half against Florida gave top-ranked Baylor a 13-point cushion, but it was only the second time a woman had dunked in a NCAA tournament game, after Tennessee's Candace Parker did it twice against Army back in the 2006 tourney. The throwdown was Griner's sixth in her… »3/21/12 1:05am3/21/12 1:05am