Who Are The Best And Worst NFL Announcers?

Over at Sports on Earth, Aaron Gordon watched two NFL games called by each announcing crew in an attempt to quantify the best and worst broadcasters in the business. There were few surprises. » 12/17/13 10:07am 12/17/13 10:07am

Say Goodbye To The Premier League On ESPN With This Outtake Reel

Yesterday marked the end of ESPN's Premier League coverage, and to commemorate it, the network aired this blooper reel of Ian Darke and Steve McManaman, the best soccer broadcasting duo on American television. » 5/20/13 2:34pm 5/20/13 2:34pm

John Madden On Pat Summerall

There was simply no other broadcasting tandem in American sports as inseparable in viewers' minds as Pat Summerall and John Madden. The pair called NFL games for 21 years, for CBS and Fox. After Summerall's death yesterday at the age of 82, it's only right to let Madden send him off. » 4/17/13 2:42pm 4/17/13 2:42pm

Expensive Cable Sports Are Always Expensiver Than Ever

Today the New York Times's Brian Stelter crunches the (preposterous) numbers and finds runaway sports-programming costs weighing down the cable bill of everyone in America, whether or not they give Shit One about sports. The phrase "impending $7 billion deal with the Dodgers" should give you an idea. Other, more… » 1/26/13 4:00pm 1/26/13 4:00pm

Here's How A Year-Old Aerial Shot Of St. Louis Ended Up On Last Night's…

When we noted earlier today Fox's apparent use of old video during last night's NLCS broadcast from St. Louis, we asked how such a thing might happen—and if it was simply a mistake or a revelation that much of what we assume is a live broadcast is, indeed, not live at all. » 10/18/12 1:00pm 10/18/12 1:00pm

Pac-12 Very Excited About Airing College Football Games On New Network…

The college football season starts today, and the Pac-12's new series of networks (seven of them, they're proud to explain) will be under the microscope as critics wait to see if the fledgling net can find the same success the Big Ten did when they launched their own cable channel five years ago. » 8/30/12 2:45pm 8/30/12 2:45pm

Michele Smith Became The First Female Analyst For A National Baseball…

TBS broke unprecedented ground Sunday when they put analyst Michele Smith in the booth alongside Ernie Johnson and John Smoltz for their broadcast of the Dodgers-Braves game. It's the first time a woman has ever served in the commentary role for a national MLB broadcast, and is one of a handful of breakthroughs in a… » 8/20/12 4:20pm 8/20/12 4:20pm

It's Stupid To Avoid Mentioning A No-Hitter In Progress. Vin Scully…

Awful Announcing dug up this Los Angeles Times article from July 9, 1960, proving the dumb debate has been going on at least that long. Let the Dean take you to school: » 8/16/12 3:55pm 8/16/12 3:55pm

Sorry, Mario Balotelli Didn't Really Make This German Fan Cry: How TV…

In the 36th minute of the Euro 2012 semifinal, Mario Balotelli scored his second goal, a screamer to the top right corner. Balotelli ripped off his jersey and flexed, and the telecast cut to a woman in the stands, a German flag painted on her cheek, a single tear leaking from her eye. » 7/03/12 3:45pm 7/03/12 3:45pm

Does Jim Gray Drive A Car With A Jim Gray License Plate? Jim Gray Won't…

The photo you see here was sent to us two weeks ago by a reader named Dan, who works in Manhattan Beach, Calif. This is the message Dan sent with it: » 6/05/12 5:30pm 6/05/12 5:30pm