Brock Lesnar's WWE Raw Rampage, As Called By Wrestling Legend Jim Ross

Brock Lesnar, fresh off a commitment to WWE that earned breaking news attention on ESPN, was denied a title rematch on tonight's WWE Raw. It sent the former UFC fighter into a rampage that left announcers, bystanders and even "cameramen" in a wake of destruction. Since Raw announcer Michael Cole was one of those who… »3/30/15 11:45pm3/30/15 11:45pm

Brock Lesnar Blowing Away Prairie Dogs Has Very Little To Do With Michael Vick

You may have seen some whining and bitching when this video of Brock Lesnar taking out prairie dogs with what appears to be the BFG 9000 from Doom hit the web. We don't really want to get into moral equivalency arguments about hunting and dogfighting and wanton slaughter of semi-sentient beings. But we will say that… »8/18/11 7:40pm8/18/11 7:40pm

The Bulging, Feces-Filled Sacs In Brock Lesnar's Colon As Metaphor For Brock Lesnar's MMA Career

Dana White and the UFC convened an emergency conference call yesterday to announce that human orca Brock Lesnar has come down with diverticulitis for a second time and will pull out of his fight against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 131. What, you may ask, is diverticulitis? The National Center for Biotechnology… »5/13/11 1:40pm5/13/11 1:40pm