Paul Pierce Got His Ankles Broken For The Second Time This Week

Paul Pierce is looking old these days. On Sunday, Jameer Nelson victimized him with a nasty crossover, leaving Pierce flat on his back. Last night, Pierce ended up looking helpless and silly yet again after being brought to his hands and knees by a Joe Johnson crossover. This instance of ankle breakage is especially… »11/29/12 1:00pm11/29/12 1:00pm

J.R. Smith Shattered Three Pairs Of Ankles (Including Stephon Marbury's) In A Single CBA Game

Here is video evidence that J.R. Smith's extended stay in China has, statistically speaking, involved more broken ankles than brawls spearheaded by his sister. Heart of Beijing has dutifully compiled video of three incidents: The first you see here actually caused an injury, and the final step-back took out Stephon… »1/19/12 10:30am1/19/12 10:30am

Josh Gatt, 19-Year-Old American Soccer Player, Is Spending His Summer Break Shattering Ankles

Josh Gatt is a 19-year-old from Michigan. He graduated from high school last year and turned down a scholarship at Indiana to sign with Austrian club SC Rheindorf Altach in summer 2010. In January of this year, he joined Molde, a top-division squad in Norway. Today his first-place squad beat Start, the last-place… »8/04/11 5:45pm8/04/11 5:45pm

Listen To Allen Iverson Recall His Crossover On Jordan, And Other Wonders From Those Who Break Ankles

The New York Times has a great video today that features some of the best crossover artists to ever play the game. One of the highlights is hearing Iverson, who just looks overjoyed to be talking about better times, reminisce about his famous '97 crossover against Michael Jordan — and that's layered with Dwyane Wade's… »5/26/11 1:55pm5/26/11 1:55pm

J.J. Redick Gets His Ankles Broken In Video Games And Real Life

It's been a rough few weeks for J.J. Redick, the man who will never not be the most hated man in college basketball — even, yes, as a four-year pro with the Orlando Magic. Last Tuesday against the Clippers, Randy Foye crossed him up, and last night Kirk Hinrich made him stumble and attempt a last-ditch reaching foul… »2/17/11 2:15pm2/17/11 2:15pm