Brook Lopez Does A Buffalo Bill Impression On The Radio

Brooklyn Nets center Brook Lopez is kind of a goofball, and he also has an unsettlingly deep voice. Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton decided to take advantage of these traits when Lopez was a guest on their WFAN radio show, by making him reenact a scene from The Silence of the Lambs in the role of Buffalo Bill. Theā€¦ » 11/16/12 12:15pm 11/16/12 12:15pm

Brook Lopez: 'I'm Going To Be Like Brady Quinn'

Brook Lopez, one half of the approximately 14 feet that is the Lopez twins, was considered the more-talented basketball brother at Stanford University this past season. Although possibly not the more mature. Witness his wit and wisdom during the NBA Draft, including the highly quotable: "This is so booooooring!" » 6/27/08 3:25pm 6/27/08 3:25pm