Thornton Didn't Mean To Hurt The Guy He Tripped And Punched In The Face

When forward Shawn Thornton tripped Brooks Orpik and repeatedly punched him in the head, it sure looked like he knew what he was doing. How could he not have? Did the soul of Matt Cooke momentarily possess him? Did Angela Lansbury wave a queen of diamonds in his face? Is there any scenario in which someone tripping a… »12/08/13 11:30am12/08/13 11:30am

Brooks Orpik Carted Off After Shawn Thornton Punches Him Into The Ice

Brad Marchand was tripped in front of the Bruins bench and, as he skated by, James Neal drove his knee right through Marchand's head. Play stopped shortly thereafter and Bruins teammates converged on several Penguins, including Brooks Orpik. Earlier, Orpik knocked Louis Eriksson out of the game on his first shift. »12/07/13 8:03pm12/07/13 8:03pm

Why Did The Penguins Let Brooks Orpik Keep Playing After This Hit?

One cannot easily diagnose traumatic brain injury by way of a television feed—some big hits can be harmless, and some small ones can pack an unexpected punch. But, watching on TV last night, it was hard to think Penguins defenseman Brooks Orpik, whose head was rammed into the glass by 228-pound Bruin Milan Lucic… »6/06/13 3:09pm6/06/13 3:09pm