SantaCon Bro Heckles Millions March: "Put Your Hands Up"

New York City played host to both SantaCon and the Millions March Saturday, and that's how you get this real-life Facebook commenter smoking a cigarette as he explains to protesters that if people simply keep their hands up and listen to cops, they won't end up like Michael Brown or Eric Garner. » 12/14/14 4:49pm 12/14/14 4:49pm

Bro Haughtily Tries To Exit Drinking Competition, Fails

Each year, the University College Dublin hosts an event known as Iron Stomach, in which a group of freshmen sit on a stage and are forced to eat and drink absurd amounts of gross things. The proceedings are nasty enough to necessitate a large trough—meant for collecting puke, spit, and whatever the hell else—being… » 9/17/14 6:08pm 9/17/14 6:08pm

Motorcycle Bro Loses Control Of Bike, Wheelies It Into Pool

Not being a gearhead myself, I don't really see the appeal of a pool party where motorcycles are close enough to the pool that this could even happen, but that's just me; I'm not a dude who typically likes to get radical. Just give me a drink and some tunes—loud enough to hear, but not loud enough to turn a pleasant… » 6/21/14 2:45pm 6/21/14 2:45pm

The United States of Bros: A Map and Field Guide

Like "hipster" and "douchebag," the word "bro" has been applied to such a vast swath of American culture that it seems no one is really sure what it means anymore. Turns out, much of that confusion can be attributed to the fact that a bro is different depending on where in the Bronited States of Bromerica you're… » 4/02/14 1:12pm 4/02/14 1:12pm

Arizona Bro Takes So Many Pepper Balls To Chest Before Being Restrained

Police were called in to contain rowdy Arizona students after the Wildcats lost to Wisconsin in the Elite Eight last night, but all the beanbag shots pepper balls in the world couldn't take one dude down. (For a little while, anyway.) » 3/30/14 1:55pm 3/30/14 1:55pm

I Tried BroApp and It Did Not Turn Me Into an Awesome Boyfriend

Every day on my way to work, I spend the entire train ride deleting inane press releases from my email inbox. Diet pills? Delete. A series of seminars on how to convince your boyfriend to propose? Delete. The launch of a new cake flavored vodka made especially for tampon soakage? .... Archive. But the other week, one… » 3/05/14 6:04pm 3/05/14 6:04pm

Baylor Players Have Impromptu Bro-Down With Frat Boys At 3 A.M.

Ahmad Dixon and Antwan Goodley both play football at Baylor University, and they both seem like pretty rad dudes. Rad enough to go to Whataburger and take shirtless pictures with random fans at 3 a.m., at least. » 12/09/13 10:31am 12/09/13 10:31am

Frat Bro Issues a Damn Good Apology for Rapey 'Rapebait' Email

Last week, a gross, rapey email sent to the entirety Georgia Tech's Phi Kappa Tau fraternity by the house's social chair went viral. Rightfully so; it was a rapey, misogynistic piece of trash that referred to getting women as "luring rapebait." Now, the author of the infamous letter has offered an apology— and a damn… » 10/10/13 4:34pm 10/10/13 4:34pm

Video Featuring Bros, Potato Gun, And Baseball Mitt Ends Predictably

Props to the bros for breaking out in hysterics before checking to make sure their friend's orbital bone hadn't just been crushed. » 8/14/13 2:35pm 8/14/13 2:35pm

The Belgium National Soccer Team Makes Great Use Of Instagram Video

This comes to us from the Instagram account of Belgian soccer player Romelu Lukaku. It will make you miss your little league teammates. » 8/13/13 6:15pm 8/13/13 6:15pm

Here's Ryan Braun Hanging Out With Some Bros In Venice Beach

Ryan Braun might be suspended for the rest of this season, but he seems perfectly content while getting his swell on in California. » 8/11/13 4:35pm 8/11/13 4:35pm

Skimboard High-Five Attempt Ends With Bro Splatting On Boat

I love everything about this video. The narration, the buildup, the split-second resolution. The fact that there was absolutely no way this could have worked, yet the bros seem shocked that it ended poorly. » 7/26/13 9:40am 7/26/13 9:40am

Let's Bro-ify ALL the Woman Products So Men Won't Feel Like Pussies

We've covered at length the ways in which traditionally "male" fields and products (like pens!) are targeted at women: we ladies, weeping flowers that we are, are often offered a sanitized, delicate — often pink — version of a traditionally male product. The reverse situation is just as telling: when traditionally… » 7/25/13 11:47am 7/25/13 11:47am

The Tour De France Is Also A Tour Of French Bros

Chris Froome today won the eighth stage of the Tour de France, becoming only the sixth Briton to wear the yellow jersey in the century-old race, joining last year's winner, Sir Bradley Wiggins. (So what if Froome was born in Kenya and lives in South Africa and Monaco — he's got the passport, so naturally the Daily Mail » 7/06/13 1:41pm 7/06/13 1:41pm

Laker Bros Featured In L.A. TV Celebration Of Being Named Bros Capital

Some website we've never heard of decided to rank the "best cities for bros," and Los Angeles unsurprisingly came out on top. After all, our favorite bros ever hail from the City of Angels. Laker Bros, indeed, found themselves featured this morning on KTLA's report about L.A. being named Capital City of the Bros. » 7/03/13 12:15pm 7/03/13 12:15pm

How Bro Is a Bro? Let's Consult Our Bro-proval Matrix

And now for the most important question of our time: what is a "bro," exactly? It was the second-most popular plea for clarity my parents made while visiting me at college (the first most popular was, "Why in God's name are you basically pursuing a degree in analyzing vampire erotica?"). "Callie," they would ask,… » 6/24/13 2:18pm 6/24/13 2:18pm

Ronda Rousey, Bro Queen: Why Is The UFC So Stupid About Women?

The UFC would like very much for you to care about its women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, and you probably should. She is, beyond being quite good at hurting people, nothing short of fascinating. There really is no other explanation for how a once-anonymous Olympic judoka, who then transitioned to the equally… » 2/22/13 12:50pm 2/22/13 12:50pm

This Bro Skiied Through An Abandoned Five-Story Building In Alaska

Why is there an abandoned, haunted five-story government building in Whittier, Alaska? Oh, hell, who cares? It's snowing. » 2/08/13 6:36pm 2/08/13 6:36pm