Joe Paterno's Alma Mater Is Beginning To Whitewash His Name

The purging of Joe Paterno's name in the wake of the Freeh Report is now going beyond Penn State. Brown University, where Paterno played quarterback and cornerback from 1946-49 before graduating in 1950, has removed his name from the title of its head football coaching position and from the name of an award its… »7/17/12 10:35am7/17/12 10:35am

Glory Days: I Was Paul Pierce's Nightmare (In A Game We Lost By 58 Points)

Sports greatness takes place all the time, all over the country. Sometimes, as with our own Tommy Craggs, those moments of triumph are preserved forever, even if it's on a crappy videotape that's been forgotten about and no one's watched it for years. In this occasional series, we'll show the videos and share the… »2/22/12 6:00pm2/22/12 6:00pm

The Worst College Basketball In America Is Played In The State Of Rhode Island

The nation's smallest state is home to four Division I men's basketball programs. As of right now, all four are in last place in their respective conferences: Brown is 1-9 in the Ivy, Bryant is 1-15 in the Northeast Conference, Providence is 2-13 in the Big East, and Rhode Island is 2-11 in the Atlantic 10. Jim… »2/20/12 5:15pm2/20/12 5:15pm