Bruce Bochy Was The Anti-Matheny, And It Made All The Difference

If you're looking for an argument that having a smart manager in the dugout is integral to a baseball team's success, last night's Cardinals-Giants game is it. Not only did it feature Mike Matheny badly managing his club right into a walk-off homer, it had the manager on the other side of the field, Bruce Bochy,… » 10/17/14 9:31am 10/17/14 9:31am

Giants Manager Bruce Bochy And His Son Made MLB History

The San Francisco Giants had one bright spot as the Dodgers drubbed them 17-0 last night. Manager Bruce Bochy and pitcher Brett Bochy became a fun piece of trivia after a pitching change in the sixth inning. Brett's major-league debut marked the first time in MLB history that a manager called for his son in relief. » 9/14/14 12:00pm 9/14/14 12:00pm

Free Alex Smith's Hat!

Yesterday, Alex Smith revealed that the NFL has threatened him with $15,000 fines if he continues to wear his San Francisco Giants cap during press conferences. It's non-approved gear from a competing league, you see, and that's not cool. Postgame is prime time for marketing NFL products, and the league isn't about to… » 9/20/12 4:25pm 9/20/12 4:25pm

Bruce Bochy Just Can't Bear To Watch Anymore

These are down days in The City, with Pablo Sandoval out for weeks after hand surgery, Willie Mota busted for drugs, and a defense that's let down every pitcher on the staff. » 5/10/12 9:00am 5/10/12 9:00am

Giants Eject Angels Scout From The Ballpark, And Now Everybody's Angry

You might not realize it, but the most interesting place in the baseball universe is Scottsdale, Arizona. Last week saw a mass bee attack hold up a Giants game, and yesterday brought us our first feud of the 2012 season as Giants manager Bruce Bochy kicked out an Angels scout. » 3/08/12 10:45am 3/08/12 10:45am

I-Team: Was Bruce Bochy Giving Interviews On The Shitter Last Night At…

Tipster Andrew sent us the above photo of the San Francisco Giants manager and added this: "Check out this screen shot of Bruce Bochy's postgame interview. Notice anything odd in the background? Is it possible the man is giving an interview while dropping a deuce?" » 9/23/11 5:30pm 9/23/11 5:30pm

Dodgers Lose Another One, This Time To The Rulebook

We love it when a manager uses the rulebook to his advantage. Bruce Bochy caught acting Dodgers manager Don Mattingly inadvertently stepping off the mound during the visit to his pitcher, and the resulting nitpick gave the Giants a victory. » 7/21/10 12:00pm 7/21/10 12:00pm