The Capitals Axed Lovable "Fat Fuck" Coach Bruce Boudreau

You'll recall that Alex Ovechkin, the supremely talented, supremely underachieving, similarly fat Caps winger, called Boudreau a "fat fuck" after being benched late in a game less than a month ago. Things have not gone well since. » 11/28/11 10:20am 11/28/11 10:20am

Let's Watch Alex Ovechkin, Benched Late In Regulation, Call His Coach A …

Your morning roundup for Nov. 2, the day you wouldn't dare touch our Halloween candy if you knew what was up. Video of Ovechkin, which gets good at the 53-second mark, via Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors. » 11/02/11 9:45am 11/02/11 9:45am

Caps Coach Calls MSG Facilities "Horrible," Is Correct

The Washington Capitals were at Madison Square Garden last night for a 3-2 loss to the Rangers, and they'll play again on Wednesday evening. Head coach Bruce Boudreau would rather they didn't have to. He went on the The Kirk McEwen and Mike O'Meara Morning Show on D.C.'s "The Edge" this morning to tell them that the… » 4/18/11 3:50pm 4/18/11 3:50pm

Really, Montreal Fans? A Protest Against Head Shots Now?

Tonight, before the Habs' game against the Capitals, a couple thousand fans will rally outside the Bell Centre to demand that something be done about head shots in hockey. Except it's a lot more likely they're really agitating for something to be done about the head shot on Max Pacioretty. » 3/15/11 5:05pm 3/15/11 5:05pm