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Bruce Pearl’s First Con, And The World That Created A Monster (Deadspin…

Over the weekend, one long-running college basketball feud came to a quiet and friendly conclusion: Jimmy Collins, a former Illinois assistant, finally received an apology from Bruce Pearl, the disgraced former Tennessee coach. As an Iowa assistant in 1989, Pearl had accused Collins of offering money and a Chevy… » 4/02/12 1:19pm 4/02/12 1:19pm

Bruce Pearl's First Con, And The World That Created A Monster

The first time I met Jimmy Collins was in 2004. I was working on a profile of UW-Milwaukee's ascendant basketball coach Bruce Pearl and had come to Chicago to get the other side of the story. Collins was coaching at the University of Illinois-Chicago, but by that point he was much better known as Pearl's foil, a sort… » 3/22/11 4:10pm 3/22/11 4:10pm