Why Do So Many Sportswriters Love Bruce Springsteen?

Hello. My name is Drew, and I think Bruce Springsteen is just OK. I have never bought one of his albums. I have attended one of his concerts (I was shitfaced), but only one. I used to practice singing "Brilliant Disguise" in the shower when I was in high school so that I could serenade a girl with it. Any girl,… »7/01/14 11:05am7/01/14 11:05am


Bruce Springsteen On Luis Suárez: "Biting Has No Place In Sports"

TMZ ran into The Boss in New York on Tuesday and asked his opinion on Luis Suárez cannibalizing his fellow players. One might assume that Bruce Springsteen is, across the board, not in favor of biting in sports, even the ones he's not totally familiar with. He has been following the World Cup "a bit," he says, so he… »6/25/14 11:46pm6/25/14 11:46pm