All the Most X-ceptional Things We Saw in the New X-Men Trailer!

The first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer appeared today, and it's chock full of dramatic moments, with every mutant ever and a perilous journey back through time. We pored over dozens of screencaps to bring you every great moment, and all of the hints, in this epic trailer. Here's our complete rundown. »10/29/13 3:34pm10/29/13 3:34pm


The Little Superhero Movie That Couldn't: Defending Superman Returns

Next Friday, Man of Steel opens. It's the second stab by Warner Bros. to reboot the Superman franchise since its Christopher Reeve movies of the late 1970s and '80s. (And that's not even including all the failed attempts to get a new Superman movie off the ground, including a Batman Vs. Superman project.) »6/06/13 6:07pm6/06/13 6:07pm

Once Upon A Time, They Made Fantasy Movies Like This. Jack The Giant Slayer, Reviewed.

1. It's sort of amazing how low the bar has fallen for big tentpole action/fantasy films. With the rise of 3-D (and, more to the point, 3-D surcharges), spectacle is the minimum entrance requirement, and even that has been watered down to the point of monotony. You can pick your poison, but I've always thought the… »2/27/13 5:53pm2/27/13 5:53pm