Defendants Accused Of Beating Bryan Stow Admit Being Involved In Altercation On Secret Jailhouse Recording

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge George Lomeli has determined that the two men accused of beating Bryan Stow into a coma, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, will have to stand trial for those accusations. In making his decision Judge Lomeli relied heavily on a secret recording from a cell as the two men waited… »6/09/12 2:52pm6/09/12 2:52pm

Teenage Girl With Brain Tumor Gets Concussed By Drunk San Jose Sharks Fan

Maggie Herger is a 16 year old Vancouver Canucks fan with a brain tumor who recently had a run in with the fine sports fans of California. Maggie was assaulted and battered by a drunken female San Jose fan while at a Canucks-Sharks game at the "Shark Tank" with her sister Maya, who gave her the tickets as a Christmas… »12/31/11 3:30pm12/31/11 3:30pm

Bryan Stow Speaks For The First Time In Interview With NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams

Bryan Stow has given his first interview since being brutally beaten on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium. The full interview will air on the NBC magazine this Monday, but a portion is available on the show's website. NBC Bay Area has the above report with the brief portion of the interview therein. As you can see, Stow… »12/17/11 1:00pm12/17/11 1:00pm

Dolphins Fan Gets Brutally Knocked Out In The Sun Life Stadium Parking Lot (Video) (Updated)

The sucker punch that dropped a Dolphins fan in the parking lot after Sunday's game vs. the Eagles is so brutal that the meathead who threw it should do some time. The sound of head hitting parking lot is chilling. The louder sound of the initial contact may be worse. Hearkens back to the near-death Bryan Stow case.… »12/13/11 9:55pm12/13/11 9:55pm

Bryan Stow's Family: He's Showing The "Most Response" He's Shown Since The Attack

On the day that the two men charged with savagely attacking Bryan Stow outside Dodger Stadium in April pleaded not guilty — and officials announced the woman who drove them away from the scene won't be charged — Stow's family posted an uplifting update on their website. Here's part of it: »8/10/11 10:45pm8/10/11 10:45pm

Bryan Stow's Lawyer Rips The Dodgers' Lack Of Security, Sympathy

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: the lawyer hired by Stow's family to sue the Dodgers outlines exactly what the team could have done to prevent… »5/25/11 3:30pm5/25/11 3:30pm

Barry Bonds Will Pay To Send Beaten Giants Fan's Kids To College

This is actually great: Barry Bonds, the star of Bob Costas's nightmares, will provide scholarships for Bryan Stow's two grade-school-age children. Stow was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium in March for wearing a Giants jersey. His condition is slowly improving, and police recently arrested a suspect in his beating. »5/24/11 10:45pm5/24/11 10:45pm

Ian Poulter's Path To Victory At The World Match Play Championship Included A Spill Down A Hill

Congratulations go out to Ian Poulter who "confirmed his reputation as one of golf's most indefatigable competitors on Sunday as he capped a succession of comeback wins at the Volvo World Match Play Championship in Spain with a yet another unlikely victory, over Luke Donald in the final." »5/22/11 8:15pm5/22/11 8:15pm

Bryan Stow Opens His Eyes, But Doctors Still Can't Predict His Chances Of Recovery

Bryan Stow, the 42-year-old paramedic and San Francisco Giants fan brutally beaten by a pair of moral-maggot Dodger fans who have yet to be caught but most certainly will sizzle in Hell if such a place exists, has shown signs of improvement in recent days. Opening his eyes. No seizure activity in his brain. The sorts… »5/18/11 9:45pm5/18/11 9:45pm

The Grizzlies Were Prince To The Thunder's Morris Day Last Night

Your morning roundup for May 14, the day after a homeless Bulgarian man beheaded an elderly British woman in a Spanish supermarket, walked away "clutching the head by its hair, leaving a trail of blood dripping to the ground," but got caught after an Italian motorcyclist threw a helmet at his face. Oh, Europe. »5/14/11 10:00am5/14/11 10:00am