Bryant Gumbel Drops One Little Plantation Metaphor, And Everybody Loses Their Shit

You'll notice that Bryant Gumbel never once used the s-word in his criticism of David Stern last night. His extended analogy called the players "hired hands," which ought to put the lie to any suggestion that actual, literal slavery was being evoked. That hasn't stopped the usual backlash that comes up whenever anyone… »10/19/11 3:35pm10/19/11 3:35pm

Chuck Liddell And Jay Glazer Threaten Bryant Gumbel In Cutesy Photo

Jay Glazer just Tweeted this photo of him and training partner Chuck Liddell menacing Bryant Gumbel, who's in Los Angeles to film a segment for Real Sports. (Are they profiling Liddell, still the face of UFC and its best chance for a crossover star? Nah, they're profiling Glazer.) We're more taken with Gumbel's… »8/31/11 2:00pm8/31/11 2:00pm