ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons Three Weeks Over Goodell Criticism

Bill Simmons practically begged ESPN to suspend him, and the oafish and epically tight-assed media behemoth did just that Wednesday night, giving him three weeks for coming to the same conclusion about NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that just about everyone in the thinking public has. » 9/24/14 7:27pm 9/24/14 7:27pm

Deadspin Classic: ESPN Nixes Bill Simmons-Barack Obama Podcast

Bill Simmons recently sat down with President Obama for his podcast, which is up now on Grantland (and which has already spawned a delightful hashtag on Twitter). The last time the two were supposed to talk, ESPN ruined everything. Originally published April 16, 2008. » 3/01/12 8:53am 3/01/12 8:53am