MLB Facing Lawsuit From Highest-Ranking Hispanic Woman In Management

Sylvia Lind, the director of baseball initiatives in the Office of the Commissioner, is suing Major League Baseball for what she claims to be two decades of discriminatory practices. Lind is the highest-ranking Hispanic woman in MLB's front office. The lawsuit names as defendants the league, commissioner Bud Selig and… »12/13/14 4:41pm12/13/14 4:41pm

Major League Baseball's War On Drugs Is An Immoral Shitshow

Major league ballplayers should never have agreed to drug testing. They should have told any handwringing writer who had anything to say about it to fuck right off, and they should have said the same to any handwringing politician who wanted to do something about it. They should have made clear that they would go on… »1/14/14 6:53pm1/14/14 6:53pm

A-Rod Suspension: Where Does 162-Game Ban Come From?

With the news that Alex Rodriguez's 211-game suspension was reduced to 162 games by Fredric Horowitz, the independent arbitrator on MLB's three-person review panel, we are forced to once again ask where these numbers come from. Given the protocol outlined in the Joint Drug Agreement's PED section—50 games for a first… »1/11/14 3:08pm1/11/14 3:08pm

Report: A-Rod Suspended 162 Games, Will Continue Fight In Federal Court

Alex Rodriguez has been suspended 162 games and it comes as little surprise to anyone, including A-Rod. The suspension was reduced from the original 211 games handed down by Major League Baseball, but A-Rod is still unhappy and continues to blast Bud Selig and MLB's behavior in the Biogenesis investigation. »1/11/14 12:06pm1/11/14 12:06pm

Alex Rodriguez Blasts MLB In Surprise Interview With Mike Francesa

After angrily storming out of his arbitration hearing this morning, Alex Rodriguez took his case to a sympathetic ear: Mike Francesa. In an intense and resolute interview on WFAN this afternoon, Rodriguez assailed Major League Baseball's investigation, bemoaned a system set up against the players, and for the first… »11/20/13 5:06pm11/20/13 5:06pm