The Beer Idiot: MixxTails

My kid fell down the other day. She said she did, anyway. I didn't actually see it happen. Sure, I'm skeptical—the kid's a liar. Say, ask her what her favorite snack is. Did she say blueberries again? Well, she's never eaten a blueberry in her damn life. A blueberry might as well be a charm quark for all she knows… » 3/02/15 1:28pm 3/02/15 1:28pm

Budweiser Black Crown Vs. Miller Fortune: A Prestige-Beer Showdown

Craft beer has become so embedded in our drinking culture that TGI Fridays sells Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas sponsors This American Life, and your dipshit coworker's last batch of homebrew was actually kinda good, in a way, if you're into chipotle märzens. » 4/25/14 1:59pm 4/25/14 1:59pm

Budweiser Sends Really Dumb Tweet In Branding Exercise Gone Wrong

Budweiser, looking to capitalize on the invaluable #branding opportunity presented to them yesterday by Peyton Manning, sent out the brain dead tweet above earlier this morning. It's been deleted, but we want it to live forever via this screen shot. This is why we need to kill all of the brands. » 1/13/14 3:43pm 1/13/14 3:43pm

Budweiser To Terrorize Hell's Kitchen With Super Bowl Hell Boat

Tailgating will not be allowed at this year's Super Bowl, but fans will still have ample opportunity to turn the weekend into a boozy shitshow thanks to the Bud Light Hotel New York. » 1/09/14 5:16pm 1/09/14 5:16pm

Beer Of The Week: Blue Buck, In Time For Canadian Thanksgiving

Monday marks a holiday that in Canada is known as Thanksgiving. Any American will recognize the basic outlines of the day: Get together with friends and family and eat until you can compare stretchmarks and then succumb to naps. That doesn't mean it's the same holiday. Care to (U) guess (S) which (A) is superior? » 10/06/12 6:07pm 10/06/12 6:07pm

Tony La Russa Lives On, In Baby Horse Form

Fear not, denizens of Redbird Nation. Your pilot may have hung up the satin jacket for the greener pastures of the TV studio, but there will forever be a La Russa roaming the fields of St. Louis, pooping in the grass. » 10/31/11 1:25pm 10/31/11 1:25pm