Report: Bad Call At End Of Patriots-Bills Game Was Because Official Forgot He Wasn't In College

The inadvertent whistle is justly getting most of the attention, but the Patriots’ 20-13 win over the Bills was a terrible game all around for the zebras. And the Boston Globe has a source in the referees’ union who blames the blown call on the final play of the game on an official who mixed up a college rule with an… »Tuesday 1:09pm11/24/15 1:09pm


What's Wrong With NFL Officiating?

It’s getting exhausting emerging from each weekend with our choice of questionable and downright bad refereeing decisions to analyze, but it feels unavoidable these days. I don’t know if it’s confirmation bias or if it’s real, but NFL officiating feels as bad this season as it’s ever been. Last night’s 20-13 Patriots… »Tuesday 9:26am11/24/15 9:26am

Rex Ryan Was Fuckin' Pumped About Beating The Jets, And That's Just Fine

Rex Ryan just can’t help himself. He couldn’t help himself when he named the guy who broke Jets quarterback Geno Smith’s jaw one of the pregame captains, and he couldn’t help himself when he reacted like he’d just won the damn Super Bowl after beating the Jets, the team he coached for six years before moving to… »11/13/15 10:40am11/13/15 10:40am

Geno Smith's Fine With The Guy Who Punched Him; Next Question

Bills coach Rex Ryan occasionally likes to choose game captains with an underlying message. Last Sunday, he picked three former Dolphins against Miami. This Thursday, I.K. Enemkpali—the former Jets linebacker who punched quarterback Geno Smith in the face over $600—will be a captain. Today, Smith said he doesn’t take… »11/10/15 4:33pm11/10/15 4:33pm

Once Again, Rex Ryan Trolled The Bills' Opponents With His Selection Of Captains

The Buffalo Bills play the Dolphins today in Buffalo. The two climatologically opposite teams have a rivalry, and the Bills are coached by jolly trickster Rex Ryan, so of course he did some pranking. Much like he did two weeks ago against the Dolphins, Ryan made a point of selecting the funniest captains possible, so… »11/08/15 1:21pm11/08/15 1:21pm

Rex Ryan Taunts Doug Marrone By Selecting Entire Offensive Line As Captains 

Doug Marrone was the Buffalo Bills head coach for two seasons, including last year’s successful 9-7 campaign. He opted out of his contract last December to take advantage of a clause that allowed him to make $4 million dollars in 2015 no matter if he coached or not. He tried to get the New York Jets job, but instead… »10/25/15 3:38pm10/25/15 3:38pm