Those 30-Run Rallies Will Kill You Every Time

Little did you know that when you watched Maracaibo, Venezuela beat the Netherlands, 21-2 in the Little League World Series on Tuesday, that it wouldn't be the most embarrassing wipeout of week. Meet your 2007 Baltimore Orioles, who lost 30-3 to the Texas Rangers on Wednesday. For Texas, it was the first time in… » 8/23/07 9:19am 8/23/07 9:19am

Fever Pitch ... Throughout History

The Sporting News has a good piece about the evolution of pitching, which we read with interest until seeing the dreaded word "gyroball," which tends to provoke in us the same reaction as the word "disco." But until then there are some fun tidbits, such as the fact that until 1881, the distance from the mound to the… » 3/02/07 3:15pm 3/02/07 3:15pm