Bull Taming Is A Thing, And Yes, It Gets People Hurt

While the world may have different views on bulls — whether to name 'em, maim 'em or flambe 'em — we've universally adopted a view that they are, in some sense, our competition. The Spanish race against them each year, or at the very least watch tourists get their innards re-arranged at hornpoint. Costa Ricans and… »1/15/14 7:31pm1/15/14 7:31pm

Front Row At The Rodeo Is Awesome Until An Angry Bull Jumps Into Your Lap

This 2,000-pound bull ditched his rider, cleared a five-foot barrier fence, and jumped into the stands at a rodeo fundraiser in Williamston, N.C. on Saturday, Feb 19. An older couple was taken to the hospital for minor injuries, but no one was seriously hurt — including the bull, who was brought out again later in… »3/01/11 1:30pm3/01/11 1:30pm