Can Busch Non-Alcoholic Beer Get You Drunk? 

Recently, I was chatting with a friend on Twitter about my favorite topic; yes, of course, I’m referring to that famous drink of beer. I’ve never met this friend in person, but, judging by his (many) tweets, I get the sense that he is a man of at least average intelligence, and is morally competent in a… » 7/10/15 3:46pm 7/10/15 3:46pm

Last Night's Rain Delay Was Called One Out Before The Cardinals Had To…

When Shane Robinson grounded out to give the Cardinals a 3-1 lead, with two outs in the seventh, it was raining. Raining hard. Raining hard enough to call the game? Raining harder than in the previous at-bat? Raining not quite as hard as it would for the next batter, when crew chief Gary Darling called a halt to play? » 10/18/12 11:00am 10/18/12 11:00am