Disney's quarterly earnings weren't great, bogged down by an apparently slow quarter for ESPN. But hold back your tears: the collective cable networks' profit was "only" $1.9 billion last quarter. » 8/06/14 2:17pm 8/06/14 2:17pm

Curt Schilling's 38 Studios Lays Off Entire Staff

This is probably the death knell for 38 Studios, the video game company whose problems started with a missed loan payment at the beginning of the month. Since then the company has bounced a check to Rhode Island, failed to make payroll, and begged the state for more help in the form of tax credits. Today, one (former)… » 5/24/12 5:20pm 5/24/12 5:20pm

Curt Schilling's Video Game Company Might Cost Taxpayers $112 Million…

Curt Schilling loves his MMORPGs (think Everquest or World of Warcraft). So much so that in 2006, he founded his own company to produce them. 38 Studios set up shop in Maynard, Mass., and got to work. » 5/15/12 4:45pm 5/15/12 4:45pm

Joey Votto's New Contract Is Like A Mortgage-Backed Security

Reds first baseman Joey Votto officially signed a big contract extension today. A big, honking deal: 10 years, $225 million, on top of the two years and $26 million the Reds already promised him for 2012 and 2013. There's an option year for 2024. » 4/04/12 4:00pm 4/04/12 4:00pm

Here's What You Can Do To End NFL Blackouts Forever

We did a post yesterday on Richard Nixon's 1972 efforts to forever sustain the NFL's policy of blacking out teams' home games in their local markets. The NFL rejected Nixon's bargain, and so, from 1973 on, only those games with unsold tickets 72 hours prior to kickoff would be blacked out. That rule still stands. » 2/12/12 3:22pm 2/12/12 3:22pm

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About How Spectacularly Broke The…

Dan Lewis at Amazin' Avenue makes sense of the Mets' finances so you don't have to. Essentially, they're fucked independent of Bernie Madoff, and everything the team could conceivably sell is mortgaged. Makes you yearn for a couple months ago, when the team was a fuzz less fucked, but still fucked. [READ »] » 12/14/11 2:55pm 12/14/11 2:55pm

Who Owns "Evil Empire"? The Yankees Launch A Proxy War For Control

Bridgehampton, N.Y., out on the East End of Long Island, is Red Sox territory. The bars along Main Street are decked out in red and will only show Yankees games if there's nothing else on. TVs receive the Hartford network affiliates. Carl Yastrzemski was born on a nearby potato farm and still holds a handful of… » 8/17/11 2:20pm 8/17/11 2:20pm

Michael Vick Loses An Endorsement Deal, And Not Because He Killed A…

Just two weeks ago, Vick signed a deal to be the face of EnerJel, a nutritional supplement/energy boost that you can rub into your skin. Because swallowing Gatorade was getting too difficult. But this was a product whose time has come, and Vick was clearly the only man who could bring it to the masses. So parent… » 7/27/11 12:45pm 7/27/11 12:45pm

Bringing An NHL Team To Quebec City Is Literally The Most Important…

You know all those jokes about French Canada? Turns out the National Assembly of Quebec hasn't heard them yet. This is a completely bizarre story, with obvious law-breaking, party defections, and boondoggles so big you wonder if Halliburton has opened a Québec branch office. » 6/07/11 9:15pm 6/07/11 9:15pm

No One's Going To Baseball Games, But Here's Why MLB Isn't Concerned

Baseball Prospectus's Neil DeMause noticed recently, as had we and others, that something weird is going on with baseball attendance this season. » 4/22/11 1:20pm 4/22/11 1:20pm

Fox Will Make A Lot Of Ad Money Off The Super Bowl

Fox is charging up to $3 million for 30-second ads during Sunday's Super Bowl and between $100,000 and $2 million for spots before or after the game. Thus, CNBC's estimating the network should bring in more than $300 million. » 2/03/11 9:15pm 2/03/11 9:15pm

You Should All Be Reading The Business Insider's Sports Section

Stick this in your RSS: the Business Insider's new sports page, featuring the prose stylings of our old friend Dashiell Bennett. » 10/07/10 10:00am 10/07/10 10:00am

Lithuanians Clearly Don't Remember The Last Time A "Blondes Only"…

A Lithuanian company — the name of which is pronounced Ooh La La — has big plans. Specifically, they're trying to open a vacation resort in the Maldives at which the workers are all blonde. » 10/02/10 6:00pm 10/02/10 6:00pm

Now Is The Time To Invest In Indian Cricket

Screw the worldwide economic meltdown! The Indian Premier League is expanding and two owners just paid $700 million for the right to buy in—or more than it would have cost to buy the entire league two years ago. » 3/22/10 3:15pm 3/22/10 3:15pm

Citi Field and Manchester United: Your Tax Dollars At Work

The government's bailout of our collapsing financial industry continues apace—you got your check, right?—but now that these companies are playing with our money, suddenly everyone is an expert. Some are suggesting that maybe the reason these firms are in trouble is because they like to waste money and that if we give… » 11/26/08 2:00pm 11/26/08 2:00pm

Is The NHL Gaining On The NBA (Again)?

You may have missed this in the Friday afternoon "please let this week be over" crunch, but it's not too late to read this important post over at Puck Daddy » 11/24/08 2:45pm 11/24/08 2:45pm. Well, important if you care about the friendly rivalry between delusional NBA apologists and bitter NHL pedants. Believe it or not, there was actually a time…

Mementos Lost To Time

ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell answers a question we've always had: What happens to all the merchandise they make for the team that loses in the championship game? Rovell tracks how merchandisers made "2005 NBA Champions" apparel for both the Spurs and the Pistons — it's only the third time in the modern era the… » 6/24/05 9:52am 6/24/05 9:52am

The Goofy Brooklyn Nets Design

Now that the NBA lockout is settled and we are assured of continuous basketball until 2010, we can now look forward to the most intriguing franchise move of all: The New Jersey Nets heading to Brooklyn. While some people debate the merits of a new stadium at all, Nets owner Bruce Ratner has skipped past all obstacles… » 6/23/05 10:32am 6/23/05 10:32am

Well, Bush Certainly Understands Black People

According to Bloomberg News, the NBA has hired Bush campaign consultant Matthew Dowd to clean up its image and bring in new fans. Dowd, who was Bush's "Chief Strategist" in his successful campaign last November, says he has given the league "some strategic advice," most notably on how to win fans that are "outside… » 5/31/05 10:07am 5/31/05 10:07am