Internet Man Flays Post-Human ESPN Shithead Darren Rovell By Tunelessly Singing His Dumb Tweets (UPDATE: There's More)

Post-human business doof Darren Rovell did some tweets tonight, like he does whenever a dollar farts. They were bad and bland in their undressed form, but Twitter user @trillballins spiced them up with dramatic vocals and now I love them. Consider this asinine joke our dude probably drafted a week ago.


Even Companies Trying To Be Diverse Suck At Being Diverse

Think about it like a math problem: When two out of four final candidates for a job are women, there is a 50 percent chance that the candidate hired in the end will be a woman. Makes sense, right? So when one out of the final four candidates for a job is a woman, what do you think the chances are that the final hire…

Some Of The Worst People In Sports Are Trying To Buy Out Formula One

Strange as it may seem to read it, flop-haired sinister Andy Warhol impersonator Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t actually own Formula One. The group with the biggest stake in the biggest spectacle of motorsports actually belongs to private equity firm CVC Capital Partners. And word on the street is they want out – and…