Buster Olney Is Fed Up With Hall Of Fame Voting

In his (paywalled) column today, ESPN's Buster Olney declares that he will not cast a ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame this year, nor any year going forward until the voting process's glaring flaws are fixed. » 12/04/14 3:59pm 12/04/14 3:59pm

Major League Baseball's War On Drugs Is An Immoral Shitshow

Major league ballplayers should never have agreed to drug testing. They should have told any handwringing writer who had anything to say about it to fuck right off, and they should have said the same to any handwringing politician who wanted to do something about it. They should have made clear that they would go on… » 1/14/14 6:53pm 1/14/14 6:53pm

» 10/16/13 1:45pm 10/16/13 1:45pm

Ozzie Guillen Thinks ESPN's Buster Olney Is "Full Of Shit"

Today ESPN's Buster Olney published this (Insider-only) post questioning whether the Marlins' not meeting attendance projections could be blamed on Ozzie Guillen (and not, say, the team's utterly disappointing performance this year). Olney even opened the door for Guillen to be fired after the season; after all, … » 9/14/12 11:27pm 9/14/12 11:27pm

Bobby Valentine And Buster Olney Don't Like Each Other Very Much

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: After Buster said the players all hate Bobby, Bobby fires back. » 8/02/12 5:45pm 8/02/12 5:45pm

Prestigious Sportswriter Makes Prestigious Publication For His Kim…

I think we'll all remember today as the day the internet made the same three jokes 80,000 times. (As I write this, #ThingsLongerThanKimsMarriage and #kimkmarriagewasshorter are dueling for the top spot on Twitter's trending topics.) But it takes a certain kind of man to toss out the obvious obvious and craft a tweet… » 10/31/11 7:30pm 10/31/11 7:30pm

Buster Olney Gets Scooped By His Own Story

Reader Pete sends along this screengrab of poor Buster "breaking" the news of ongoing Holliday/Cardinals negotiations...a mere minute after Holliday announced said negotiations were complete. Twitter can be a cruel mistress. » 1/05/10 10:45pm 1/05/10 10:45pm

ESPN "The Weekend" Not Much Fun For Bristoloids This Year — Especially…

This past weekend was ESPN's annual shmooze-fest at Disney World, where fans of the network can interact with living, breathing ESPN talking heads and touch them to see if they're real. » 3/02/09 3:45pm 3/02/09 3:45pm

Media Approval Ratings: Buster Olney

When we first moved to New York, Buster Olney was the anonymous, goofily named reporter in The New York Times who knew pretty much everything you needed to know about baseball. He was their star. And then he went to ESPN. He's not the star anymore, but at least everybody knows his name now. » 3/21/08 1:05pm 3/21/08 1:05pm

In Defense (?) Of Borges

In response to our Ron Borges and the Quote Pool Of Replenishing Nourishment item earlier today, a reporter (and colleague of Borges) writes in to (gently) take us to task, requesting that he/she remain anonymous. A quote: » 3/06/07 2:45pm 3/06/07 2:45pm

Buster Olney Responds: "I Like My Job, Thank You"

One of the things we love about Mr. Irrelevant and his gang at AOL Sports Bloggers Live is that they're fun enough to pounce on the real sports stories yet clean and well-shaven (and AOL-affiliated) enough to bring in big-name guests that we don't have (or, more accurately, have little desire to have) access to. We… » 11/15/05 4:30pm 11/15/05 4:30pm

Lenny Dykstra, Cosmopolitan

We know we make fun of ESPN a lot here, and much of it is justified, of course, but we are nothing if not fair. The big investigative steroid story gracing the cover of ESPN: The Magazine this week is, for lack of a better word, outstanding. Legitimately all-encompassing, it's sober, smart and full of all kinds of… » 11/10/05 10:15am 11/10/05 10:15am

OK, Seriously, Knock It Off You Guys

All right, we know we've mentioned this already, but we're still kind of obsessed with this daily SportsCenter feature of Steve Phillips "playing" the role of every team's GM. At first, we thought this was just going to be a Boston thing, playing with the Theo Epstein press conference last week. But then they did the… » 11/09/05 11:00am 11/09/05 11:00am

Sure, Yeah, Critics, ESPN's Totally Listening

Maybe it's that ridiculous Steve Phillips mock press conference thing that "SportsCenter" is doing right now, but for whatever reason, there's all kinds of anti-ESPN invective out there today. » 11/08/05 11:30am 11/08/05 11:30am

The Sad Faces Of Buster Olney And Jeremy Schaap

For anyone who wondered just what sacrifices that legitimate journalists like Jeremy Schaap and Buster Olney have to suckle from ESPN's cash teat, look no further than this morning's "SportsCenter." In it, baseball analyst Steve Phillips answers mock questions in a mock press conference, pretending to be Boston's… » 11/07/05 10:15am 11/07/05 10:15am

We Have To Ask ...

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11 a.m. MLB with Buster Olney: Hey, loved you in the "Our Gang" comedies. Now get a real name and tell us who the next Yankees manager is gonna be.
1 p.m. NFL with Michelle Tafoya: From a small Minnesota TV station to Monday Night Football sideline… » 10/24/05 10:50am 10/24/05 10:50am

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10 a.m. Fantasy Football Focus: "We've got a couple of sleeper picks at quarterback," you said. "You can't go wrong with Michael Vick and Tim Rattay," you said. "You can thank us later," you said. I'd like to thank you now. What's your address?
11 a.m. » 10/10/05 10:38am 10/10/05 10:38am

We Have To Ask ...

Suggested questions for today's ESPN SportsNation chatters ...
11 a.m.. MLB with Buster Olney: OK, not to stray too far from the absolutely riveting subject, but yourself and actor Dylan Baker — seperated at birth?
1 p.m. NCAA FB with Bruce Feldman. Oops, we just spent my last $39.95 on Katrina relief. How will we… » 9/12/05 12:18pm 9/12/05 12:18pm

We Have To Ask ...

Suggested questions for today's ESPN SportsNation chatters ...
11 a.m. Buster Olney: Admit it, dude: You totally asked Jeter for an autograph one time.
1 p.m. NFL with Len Pasquarelli: How about a report on the contract you signed to leave CBS Sportsline, huh big guy?
2 p.m. Ohio State AD Gene Smith: If you find… » 8/29/05 10:59am 8/29/05 10:59am