MLB Network Host Predicts Buster Posey Walk-Off Home Run, Flips Out

This shit is straight up paranormal. Greg Amsinger, hosting a live look-in to Wednesday's Giants-Rockies game for MLB Network, eerily predicted Buster Posey's walk-off home run. It started with an innocuous feeling in his "bad knee." But the real wizardry begins right before Amsinger hands off the broadcast to the… »8/28/14 4:56pm8/28/14 4:56pm

Reds Catcher Ryan Hanigan Couldn't Bear To Watch Buster Posey's Grand Slam

Today's decisive NLDS Game 5 between the Giants and Reds became decisive a little earlier than Cincinnati would care for, as Buster Posey's fifth-inning grand slam gave San Francisco a 6-0 lead with the Reds finding their offense unable to do much against Matt Cain (at least until that point; they'd score a few later… »10/11/12 2:50pm10/11/12 2:50pm

Buster Posey's Foot Bent The Wrong Way After A Home Plate Collision Last Night

Scott Cousins sealed a Marlins win in the 12th inning last night, by way of a full-force collision with Giants catcher Buster Posey at home plate. The tackle left Posey with a serious leg injury (in the last second-to-last angle here, especially, you can see his right ankle bend in such a way that it looks like he's… »5/26/11 11:15am5/26/11 11:15am