The "St. Louis Cuisine" Wikipedia Page is Goddamned Hilarious

You might think that with all the mockery of St. Louis that goes on, we Gawker Media writers are being unfair to the city that is just so gosh-darn humble that it can't stop telling you how humble it is. You might think wrong. » 3/11/15 12:36pm 3/11/15 12:36pm

Bulletproof Coffee: Debunking the Hot Buttered Hype

People are putting butter in their coffee. And hey, if you're just craving a new flavor experience, more power to you. The problem is that Bulletproof Coffee, the company behind the trend, is claiming that drinking a mug of fatty joe every morning instead of eating breakfast is a secret shortcut to weight loss and… » 1/23/15 10:20am 1/23/15 10:20am

What Do I Cook For All These Gluten-Free Types?

Welcome to the Feedbag, where all the dumb questions about food, drink, cooking, eating, and accidental finger removal you've been embarrassed to ask can finally receive the berating they goddamn deserve. Also: answers. Send all your even-vaguely-food-related questions to with the subject… » 10/10/13 3:53pm 10/10/13 3:53pm

Finally, Someone Built The New Sonics Arena Out Of 110 Pounds Of Butter

We should note that this is not actually the new Sodo arena, with which Seattle hopes to lure an NBA franchise; this is only a model. And not a strictly accurate one—unless I misunderstand the load-bearing properties of butter, I do not believe the inside is hollow and contains a little butter court with little butter… » 10/24/12 5:40pm 10/24/12 5:40pm

What Roger Federer Actually Said In That ESPN Interview

Earlier, we drew your attention to a minor hubbub over Roger Federer's interview with Pam Shriver, during which his audio cut out for several highly suspicious seconds. What could he have said, we wondered? Well, now we have an answer. » 9/09/10 7:10pm 9/09/10 7:10pm