Buzz Bissinger Admits To Shopping Addiction, Dabbling In Gay Sex, Experimenting As A "Dominant Leather Master," And More in GQ

So, how about that Buzz Bissinger personal essay in GQ today, huh? The man loves beautiful and expensive clothes. His new lifestyle has been somewhat apparent for a little while now, popping up in a magazine profile (EW, May 2012: "With his metal-studded leather jacket, brown cowboy boots, and hoop earring, Buzz… »3/26/13 12:20pm3/26/13 12:20pm

Buzz Bissinger Is In Our Office And He's Taking Your Questions In The Comments

Hey! Look who's here! The Friday Night Lights author has popped into Deadspin HQ to say hello, and to chat with you down in the comments. We recommend that you check out this excerpt of his new Byliner Original, After Friday Night Lights, plus his newly published Slate essay on growing up next to Central Park. Fire… »4/24/12 11:56am4/24/12 11:56am

All This Jeremy Lin Love Is Pissing The Shit Out Of Buzz Bissinger

Well, it had to happen, didn't it? In this day and age of instant analysis and constant coverage, overkill is only a long weekend away for most stories. Jeremy Lin captivated the hearts and minds of New Yorkers and sports fans everywhere one week, and the next, Buzz Bissinger is comparing him unfavorably to John… »2/12/12 7:09pm2/12/12 7:09pm

The Buzz Bissinger-Mark Cuban Twitter Fight, Transcribed And Animated

If you haven't read Buzz Bissinger's column for the Daily Beast about white fans and race in the NBA, you might want to. It's become quite the talked-about piece, mainly because Mark Cuban called out Bissinger about it on Twitter. There's nothing much original in the column. It's more or less the same stuff… »3/01/11 4:30pm3/01/11 4:30pm

With No Further Ado, Buzz Bissinger Challenges Andy Reid as a Coach and Father (But Mostly as a Father)

When Buzz Bissinger smells blood, Buzz Bissinger attacks. You know this already. I just dig how it makes for quality after-school-rumble 140-character entertainment like it did today, when his old/new paper (the Philadelphia Inquirer) ran an above-the-A1-fold piece on how difficult having a couple of buck-wild… »7/18/10 1:30pm7/18/10 1:30pm