Joe Johnson Makes Two Perfect Last-Second Shots In One Game

There are two types of great buzzer-beaters. The first kind is the end result of a well-executed inbounds play, one that involves screens and misdirection and ends with a shooter getting open just long enough to rise up for a clean shot at the rim. (See: LeBron James saving Cleveland's season in Game 2 of the… » 2/20/13 10:50am 2/20/13 10:50am

Inbounding From Half-Court, 0.7 Seconds Left: No Problem.

Mattoon (Ill.) High School, which counts editor emeritus Will Leitch as a notable alumnus, won its game against Rantoul yesterday off a last-second inbounds pass in a tie game. The Jared Pilson pass was so on-the-mark, Ryan Hutchinson's placement so perfect, that the Green Wave bench started to erupt before the shot… » 12/28/12 6:15pm 12/28/12 6:15pm

Is Intentionally Missing A Free Throw With A Two-Point Lead And One…

Last night's Boston City League high school rivalry game between East Boston and Madison Park had the unlikeliest of finishes: With the score tied at 40, Madison Park's Johnny Bowden was fouled while attempting a three-pointer with one second remaining. Bowden was awarded three fouls shots, and he made the first two.… » 12/19/12 3:05pm 12/19/12 3:05pm

Welcome Back, College Basketball: Two Games Ended In Excellent Buzzer…

It wasn't all imperiled basketball players and disappointed veterans on college basketball's first night back. Above, Alabama and South Dakota St. were tied at 67 going into the final possession when Trevor Lacey got the ball and—well, you should just watch it. Spoiler alert: they didn't go into overtime. A very… » 11/10/12 12:15pm 11/10/12 12:15pm

Play-By-Play Man Loses His Mind On Three-Quarter-Court Buzzer Beater

Everyone loves a good game-winning buzzer beater, especially when it travels almost the entirety of the court and catches nothing but net. Here then, is Lindsey Wilson College senior guard Chase Spreen putting a fork in Georgetown (not that Georgetown) College as the Lindsey Wilson Sports Network announcers express… » 1/15/12 5:35pm 1/15/12 5:35pm

Oral Roberts Wins Game On Ridiculous Banked-In Heave At The Buzzer

There was a great finish—and just about as good of a call to go along with it—in the Oral Roberts-Arkansas Little Rock game last night. Damen Bell-Hunter, the big man for Oral Roberts, intercepted Little Rock's last-second Laettner lob attempt and banked in a half-court shot at the buzzer to win, 58-55. » 12/13/11 10:45am 12/13/11 10:45am

10-Year-Old Hits Half-Court Game Winner As The Most Annoyingly Voiced…

Let's cleanse the palate a bit after all that high school basketball ugliness from earlier today. Here is the game as it should be. Down one with 11 seconds left. The poise, the confidence and the shot. The exhilaration of victory. The agony of defeat. And some lady, taking Fran Drescher's voice and having her way… » 12/10/11 3:00pm 12/10/11 3:00pm

High School Player Nails Off-Balance, One-Handed Game-Winner From 60…

Jerrbryon Graves, a senior at Metropolitan High School in Indianapolis, hit this game-winning shot from behind half court on Saturday to win the regional finals, 64-61. It wasn't even a heave. Apparently, Graves takes these shots in practice all the time — which is only the kind of thing a coach hates until the kid… » 3/15/11 11:30am 3/15/11 11:30am