And, Somehow, The Philadelphia Eagles Will Meet The Buzzsaw In The NFC Championship

Remember that short story from high school English about the hanging soldier who miraculously escapes death? And just as he's seemingly finally escaped back to the waiting arms of his wife, he's cruelly thrust back into the grim reality of the tightening noose? The narrow escape was only a dream. I still feel like I… »1/11/09 3:51pm1/11/09 3:51pm

The PLAYOFF Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals

Of all the pictures taken during The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals' NFC West-clinching "win" over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, that one there is my favorite. It is somehow perfect that, when the Arizona Cardinals won their first division championship since 1975 (the year I was born!), the most sophisticated… »12/09/08 12:29pm12/09/08 12:29pm

1st Round, Sixteenth Overall: Buzzsaw Selects Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

You better adjust the tracking on your VCR if you want to watch game tape of Rodgers-Cromartie. Tennessee State games are taped using the surveillance cameras at the Stop & Rob across the street. "The tape is not real clear. You have to find him. This reminds me of an older time in scouting," according to NFLN expert… »4/26/08 4:51pm4/26/08 4:51pm

He Seems To Have Thought Of Everything: How In The World Did This Not Work?

So this guy robs a bank, and during his getaway he stops at a salon about a block away for hair extensions and a manicure (by now you've guessed that this occurred in Florida). But that's not the best part. The loot he stole was booby trapped, and during his escape it exploded, covering him in red dye. So to explain… »12/07/07 1:05pm12/07/07 1:05pm