This Nick Young Impression From Byron Scott and James Worthy Is Epic

So, this is just great. Former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Byron Scott and James Worthy were on Time Warner Cable Sportsnet prior to a Lakers game, when they were charged with doing their best Nick "Swaggy P" Young impression. Turns out, Swaggy P sounds exactly how we all expect Swaggy P to sound. » 12/04/13 2:10pm 12/04/13 2:10pm

Byron Scott Says Cleveland Cavaliers Didn't Give Him A Fair Shake

On Thursday, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired Byron Scott after three relatively miserable post-LeBron seasons. Scott was hired just before James took his talents to South Beach, and he was tasked with rebuilding a team that had just lost the best basketball player on the planet for virtually nothing in return. Over that… » 4/20/13 4:25pm 4/20/13 4:25pm

Byron Scott's Son Is Doing His Best To Support His Pops

We're still a little surprised that the New Orleans haven't caught on nationally quite yet. The Saints were an amazing, inspiring story that united the country (other than Eagles fans, of course), but the Hornets still just seem to glide past, with people still not quite aware of what Chris Paul is doing. Only one… » 4/25/08 12:35pm 4/25/08 12:35pm