Drew Bledsoe Is A Big Fan Of Caddyshack, Filming Televised Nose Pickers…

Although we have better resources for providing high quality video from sporting even broadcasts, we figured we'd share this with you. That's because the Zapruder to this head shot was (apparently) Drew Bledsoe. » 1/01/12 11:15am 1/01/12 11:15am

As you can see, not only is Drew just hangin' with some buds, laughin' and watchin' some pigskin, he…

Rudy Giuliani's Son Loses The Case Of "Duke vs. Spackler"

Andrew Giuliani used to play golf at Duke University until the coach that recruited him died, and the new coach realized that he was a terrible golfer. Andy sued after being booted from the team and the judge made him look stupid by quoting Caddyshack as he dismissed the case. » 5/20/09 6:15pm 5/20/09 6:15pm

To Watch Tonight

What to watch while recovering from a harrowing experience at an art gallery... » 7/27/08 6:30pm 7/27/08 6:30pm • New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. This might get a few mentions on SportsCenter. [] • . Episode three of seven. [] • . Teaser video after the jump. []

Carl Spackler Finally Hits His Shot

It came suddenly, like a million voices calling out at once — like a great disturbance in The Force. Thousands of local TV sports broadcasters were all saying the same thing at the same time last night: "It's in the hole!" » 2/09/06 10:00am 2/09/06 10:00am