You Can Now Own Jeff Tedford's Insane Estate For Only $5.35 Million

Cal football coach Jeff Tedford still has a few more years left on his coaching contract, but it appears he's looking to downsize his living quarters just a tad, putting his palatial, two-acre estate, complete with a basketball court done up in UC-Berkeley colors, on the housing market for a cool $5.35 million. »8/29/12 11:35pm8/29/12 11:35pm


After 21 Months Living in the Trees, Cal-Berkeley Tree Protesters Removed

Yeah, 21 months. The protest began when Cal announced that they were planning a $124 million dollar expansion of athletic facilities just outside their football stadium. The tree-sitters decided the 42 campus trees had to be protected and have been living in their branches ever since. For almost two years, they've… »9/10/08 11:30am9/10/08 11:30am