The Secretly Recorded Videos That Got A Raging Baseball Coach Suspended

On April 17, Rick Vanderhook, the head coach of the Cal State Fullerton Titans, a powerhouse in Division I college baseball, was placed on administrative leave. He returned to the team a month later, but the reason for his brief absence remained a mystery. Now, thanks to documents obtained from Cal State Fullerton… » 6/25/14 3:54pm 6/25/14 3:54pm

Husky Invades NCAA Tournament Game, Is Cutest Idiot On The Field Ever

Cal State-Fullerton's NCAA tournament game against Arizona State featured an on-field delay of the cutest sort, when a rogue husky rushed the diamond at Goodwin Field. » 6/02/13 1:35am 6/02/13 1:35am

Cal State Fullerton Titans

1. Remember the Titans. Thirty years ago the Titans advanced to the elite eight only to be bounced out of the 1978 field by the famed "triplets" of Arkansas (guards Sidney Moncrief , Marvin Delph and Ron Brewer) who were coached by Eddie Sutton (some 628 wins ago). Speaking of legends former CSF basketball star Greg… » 3/16/08 11:29am 3/16/08 11:29am