Caleb Campbell Gives Bobsledding A Shot

Remember Caleb Campbell—the former Army Cadet who was drafted by, but not allowed to play for, the Detroit Lions? Boy, did that guy dodge a bullet! Okay, maybe that was a bad metaphor. » 7/06/09 5:00pm 7/06/09 5:00pm

Caleb Campbell: The Army's Loss Is The Detroit Lions' Legal Gain?

The Army blew it. They implemented a policy that was designed to draw attention to the unique skills and talents of their servicemen and, in the process, make it easier to recruit soldiers to the Army by attracting positive publicity and media attention. The policy was enacted in 2005 because filling the ranks of a… » 7/24/08 1:45pm 7/24/08 1:45pm

Caleb Campbell: "I Was Left In The Dark"

On Wednesday night word broke that Caleb Campbell, 7th round draft pick out of Army for the Detroit Lions, would not be allowed to play NFL football in the 2008 season. Campbell, a 2nd Lt. who graduated from West Point on May 31 of this year, owed his ability to play in the NFL to a 2005 Army policy that allows… » 7/24/08 10:00am 7/24/08 10:00am