NFL All-Non-Playoff Team: The Best Players Not In The Postseason

In the NFL, where many believe that winning supersedes stats, many outstanding players don't get the accolades or attention they deserve, just because the rest of their team was shit. We think that's dumb, so we've gathered up the best players out of the league who didn't make the playoffs this season. »1/03/14 1:29pm1/03/14 1:29pm

Lions Shock Cowboys With An 80-Yard Drive In Less Than A Minute

With 1:03 left in the fourth, Calvin Johnson had accrued 290 receiving yards, sixth-best in NFL history, but the Lions were still losing 30-24. Over the next minute, a ridiculous game would get even more ridiculous, with Detroit engineering an 80-yard drive to shock the Cowboys in the most entertaining finish of the… »10/27/13 5:07pm10/27/13 5:07pm

Megatron Breaks The Record And Lions Fans Aren't Sure How To Feel: Saturday Night Football, In Four GIFs

Atlanta 31, Detroit 18: The above moment of celebratory uncertainty came before Calvin Johnson broke Jerry Rice's single-season receiving yards record—it came during a Falcons timeout while the Lions were down, in fact, which meant the confusion was sort of understandable—but it's appropriate considering the general… »12/22/12 11:45pm12/22/12 11:45pm

Calvin Johnson Says He Suffered A Concussion. The Lions Say He Didn't.

Lots of football players get concussions. That's how it works. It's a violent sport, and they play it for so long, that most every football player you encounter, even long-retired dads, will say, oh, yeah, I had a concussion or two. So football players not only get concussions, but they know concussions. They know the… »10/11/12 7:22pm10/11/12 7:22pm

Calvin Johnson Meets Randy Moss: Two Wide Receivers Bigger Than The Game

Sunday, the Detroit Lions go to Candlestick Park to play the San Francisco 49ers. It's an early season test for a pair of newly relevant teams. But much more importantly, it will be the first time that Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss have shared the field. The two receivers—Detroit's superstar and the ex-superstar now… »9/14/12 3:20pm9/14/12 3:20pm