Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back Stars In Impossible Photo

I have no idea how Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel managed to make this face while getting pulled, helmetless, into a dog pile, but I am goddamn impressed that he did. Congratulations, Cam. You are even more photogenic than Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu Jitsu Guy, and you are officially the chillest running back in… » 10/23/13 1:57pm 10/23/13 1:57pm

Notre Dame RB Wrecked By Backward Sled

Despite being warned ("No, it's not backwards!"), Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly sent his running backs into a gauntlet sled that was indeed set up backward and would not permit entry. This is not the sort of training they need—most of them remember the BCS title game well enough. » 8/15/13 11:46am 8/15/13 11:46am