Cris Carter, Lame Dad Who Doesn't Know What Dabbing Is, Defines Dabbing

Okay, so we’re now into the third day of talking about Cam Newton dabbin’ on dem folk and this morning on Mike and Mike, Mike Greenberg and Cris Carter discussed what dabbing is. Greenberg, a lame dad, wasn’t familiar with the dance, so he asked Carter. Carter, himself a lame dad, wasn’t familiar with the dance… »11/18/15 12:51pm11/18/15 12:51pm

Scared White People Are Running Out Of Reasons To Hate Cam Newton

On Sunday in Nashville, the Carolina Panthers beat the Tennessee Titans 27-10 and extended their record to a perfect 8-1. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sealed the game late in the fourth when he took a snap from two yards out on third and goal, bullied his way to the right, and reached over four Titans for the… »11/17/15 3:52pm11/17/15 3:52pm

Cam Newton Vs. The Packers Banner Has A Happy Ending

Banners! Let’s talk about banners. It’s much more interesting than talking about how the Panthers are 8-0*, and with a two-game lead plus the tiebreaker over the Packers, are firmly in the driver’s seat for homefield advantage in the NFC. Because homefield isn’t so great if you’ve got a bunch of a visiting fans in the… »11/09/15 1:33pm11/09/15 1:33pm

Ed Hochuli Denies Telling Cam Newton He Isn't "Old Enough" To Get A Call

Cam Newton was upset about a borderline-late hit that went uncalled in Carolina’s 27-22 win over New Orleans, and he was even more upset by what he said was referee Ed Hochuli’s explanation: “He said, ‘Cam, you’re not old enough to get that call.’” Hochuli denies it, and if you can read lips, you can decide for… »9/29/15 9:08am9/29/15 9:08am

Cam Newton's Contract Is A Big Deal

You’re a smart enough football fan to know to ignore the initial numbers announced with any new contract, especially for QBs. The NFL’s creative accounting oftens lead to deals that barely resemble the press release. Colin Kaepernick’s “record” megadeal makes him extremely disposable. Andy Dalton’s “six-year” contract »6/03/15 1:10pm6/03/15 1:10pm