Experience Tour de France Mayhem First-Hand From New On-Bike Cameras

If you've been watching the Tour de France you know that it's been one of the more brutal tours in recent years, with intense weather conditions and terrible crashes that have led to several top contenders abandoning the tour already. It's also the first year that riders are allowed to put cameras on their bikes—so… » 7/16/14 10:52am 7/16/14 10:52am

Tim Hudson's Ankle Wasn't The Only Thing Broken In Queens Last Night

Freddie Freeman's foul tip smashed the plexiglass shielding a camera at Citi Field last night. We will never get tired of these. » 7/25/13 12:07pm 7/25/13 12:07pm

Scary Video From Under The Snapped Camera Cable At The Coca-Cola 600

On lap 121 of Sunday's Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte, a cable supporting an overhead camera snapped and fell across the track. Ten fans were injured, three hospitalized, and the race was red-flagged for nearly a half-hour after several cars were damaged. It could have been much worse, and the eyewitness video is… » 5/28/13 10:36am 5/28/13 10:36am

Shooting America's Game: How I Made The NFL Come Alive In Photos

Neil Leifer began shooting big games as an eager teenager in the 1950s, sneaking into stadiums by any means necessary—he'd even volunteer to push wounded veterans around in their wheelchairs. Before too long, he became Sports Illustrated's star photographer. He shot it all—Olympics, World Series, Kentucky Derbies, the… » 11/14/12 3:30pm 11/14/12 3:30pm

What It Looks Like To Get Nailed With A Puck

Here's Michael Del Zotto of the Rangers busting up a camera with an errant shot. See, baseball? Hockey can shatter lenses and have low TV ratings too! » 10/25/10 11:35am 10/25/10 11:35am