Cameroon Aren't Contenders Yet, But They're On Their Way

For many of the established teams coming into this World Cup, their larger goals outside of the simple quest for points involve things like trying to recapture former greatness or maintaining a period of success. Cameroon, though, are still early in their journey in the international realm. All they’re trying to do is… »6/04/15 3:15pm6/04/15 3:15pm


Eto'o's Last Ride: How Cameroon Can Shock Everyone At The World Cup

Cameroon are Africa's darlings and have qualified for the World Cup seven times, more than any other nation on their continent. This year, they'll be sending a familiar squad of hardened veterans with some young upstarts sprinkled in to Brazil. But this summer is also different, because it'll likely be the last time… »6/02/14 4:46pm6/02/14 4:46pm

Asylum-Seeking Cameroon Boxers Say They Were Threatened

We told you last week about the seven Olympic athletes from Cameroon—five boxers, a swimmer, a soccer goalie—who went missing from the Olympic village in London. At the time, it was reported that those athletes would likely seek asylum. It now turns out that's exactly what the five boxers are doing, according to… »8/13/12 6:10pm8/13/12 6:10pm