Watch A Scary 200-Car Pileup Happen Before Your Eyes

If you've ever read one of those "ten million car pileup on [insert Midwestern highway here]" stories and wondered how it happened, this video of I-94 near Battle Creek, Michigan from yesterday should help explain it. Visibility is so low that once a couple of vehicles wreck, the ones coming behind can't see them… » 1/10/15 3:14pm 1/10/15 3:14pm

Here's What Nate Burleson's Car (And Pizza) Looked Like After His Wreck

Judging by these photos, which a good-natured Nate Burleson just posted to his Instagram account, the Lions wideout was lucky to walk away from his falling pizza-induced car accident with just a broken arm. » 10/01/13 1:57pm 10/01/13 1:57pm

Bear Gets Hit By Moving Car, Gets Up Like It's No Big Deal

Here's a little something to help you get your morning started right, courtesy of yet another Russian with a dashboard camera and an indestructible bear. » 5/30/13 10:00am 5/30/13 10:00am