Woman Brags About Hitting Cyclist, Discovers Police Also Use Twitter

A lot of drivers hate cyclists. A lot of cyclists hate drivers. Then there's Emma Way, who hates cyclists so much that she hit one with her car, drove away, and bragged on Twitter about how it wasn't her problem because the cyclist "doesn't pay road tax." Unfortunately for Emma, her local police also use Twitter. » 5/21/13 12:38pm 5/21/13 12:38pm

The "Coexist" Sticker On Boston Bomber-Carjacked Car Is A Stupid Hoax

If you've visited a right-leaning blog or received email from your conservative uncle recently, chances are good you've seen a photograph of a car with a "Coexist" bumper sticker that's alleged to be the car carjacked by one of the Boston Marathon bombers. It's not. And, even if it was, getting some kind of creepy glee » 4/24/13 1:41pm 4/24/13 1:41pm

Is Drive-By Masturbation At 90 MPH A Sign We've Made Cars Too Easy To…

Driving a car isn't as difficult as it was just a few years ago thanks to a focus on driver aids and electronic intervention designed to make us safer. But we've now gotten to the point where people can drive and masturbate out the window at high speed. It might be time to dial things back a little. » 4/09/13 4:24pm 4/09/13 4:24pm

Murder, Transsexuals, And The Price Is Right: The Story Of The Dale…

April Fool's Day internet browsing is not like every other day. Every story is a probably lie, and for once the normally foolproof policy of believing everything you read on the internet is not recommended. This story is different, though. This is an entirely true story about a whole massive load of lies. It involves a … » 4/01/13 1:47pm 4/01/13 1:47pm