The ​11 Most Horrifying Redesigns Of Childhood Classics

Last week we gazed into the abyss, and the cold, dead eyes of the new International Rescue team from Thunderbirds gazed back. As movies and TV constantly seek to strip-mine your nostalgia for profit, redesigns like this are common. And sometimes, they go very wrong. Here are 11 awful makeovers of our childhood… »1/20/15 1:00pm

Animated Short Imagines The San Antonio Spurs As A Commando Team

Here is a fun cartoon that comes from the creative minds at BallerBall, that imagines the Spurs—led by Pop, natch—as a wrongfully convicted commando team who subsequently escape prison and hide "in plain sight as the most boring team in professional sports." The whole seven minutes is like that, a pretty funny mix… »1/08/15 5:30pm

Cartoon Bear Bryant Kicked Cartoon Joe Paterno Out Of Cartoon Heaven

This is the pen-and-ink version of Sally Jenkins's or Rick Reilly's mea culpa eviscerations of Joe Paterno, knowing what we all know now about the late coach's role in Penn State's cover-up. Editorial cartoonist Rob Tornoe has updated his Philadelphia Inquirer cartoon from January, top, which showed Paterno getting a… »7/19/12 2:05pm

Iranian Cartoonist Gets 25 Lashes For Drawing Politician As Soccer Player

Cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh drew a member of the Iranian parliament wearing a soccer jersey, and so now he's now going to be lashed 25 times because this is Iran we're talking about and some of their provincial judges and politicians don't look too kindly on things like artistic expression and, I guess, how that… »5/10/12 1:10pm

Excerpts From The Long-Lost Script For Monday Night Football: The Cartoon

So total at the time was Cosell's saturation of culture that Irwin Weiner, an ABC Sports vice president for twenty years, once came up with a concept for a Saturday morning kids' series called "Monday Night Football: The Cartoon", one that would turn Cosell, Gifford and Meredith into animated characters. This isn't as… »3/07/12 4:18pm

The Taiwanese Animation For The Penn State Scandal Is Batshit Insane, Even By Taiwanese Animation Standards

Did you know these videos aren't even aimed at Taiwanese people? Next Media Animation knows their twisted takes on Western news play well in America. It's been a while since we ran one of them, because by pumping them out almost daily they've watered down what was once a special treat. But their version of what… »11/11/11 6:45pm